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intercessory pray hard0August 30, 2019Details
deliverance1August 12, 2019Details
Praise 0July 26, 2019Details
Need prayer0July 26, 2019Details
Gold Star Children1June 10, 2019Details
Request for Prayer Support1May 15, 2019Details

intercessory pray hard

Steven Don't Need
Holy Spirit deal with the false witness tongue waggers. That seem to be vidictive for unknown reason except they need woken up to know they need Jesus! Thank you to pray for our town spiritual awaken revival.


marie grace
Dear Team Please pray the following prayer sent to me this week. I rebuke the spirit of Jezebel .Every manipulative voice, every demon forming as an Angel of Light. I speak against every demon in a Robe as an Angel of Light. I put hooks in the jaws of the gang players. Every goof dust and every pipe blowing sound. I curse you with a curse, and every plot you have against the people of God, before you execute your plan, God will reveal in Jesus Might Name. (exactly as sent to me.) Please pray for my son Dean as he is unwell , please pray for God to calm him down and heal him of all mental health, sickness, disease, and illness. It is a really hard situation to live in. Please pray for God to preserve our lives. Dean's thinking processes are poor. God bless and thank you very much for your prayer. Marie Grace


Steven never needed
Praise God Taz the Dog came back to our door as i ask in prayer

Need prayer

Steve Never Needed
Thank you Father which art in heaven through Jesus Christ of Nazareth Name!? Where is your supernatural intervention Holy Spirit to transform this prayer! Into multiple pillars of holy flames of fire!? I really need arc angel intervening help to bring Taz back to us please!? Show us your angilical anointing supernatural assist to bring Taz too Paul now!? Get into this dogs brain to come back to us turn him back!? Or what can we do he’s derange looking for his owner!? Can we get some favor supernatural help bring this dog home!?

Gold Star Children

Michael Martino
To the Church Leadership: My prayer request is for: Children who have lost a parent in war known as a Gold Star Family. I do not need funding. My book proceeds will go to these children. I am working directly with the National Gold Star Mothers (Becky Christmas) and her staff. Please consider going to YouTube and attaching the hyperlink, The Biblical Truth by Michael Martino, to your Church Facebook page. In particular, my goal is to purchase 10 bicycles in all 50 states to donate to Gold Star family children needing a bicycle. Every child deserves a bike and providing for those who have sacrificed for our Nation is the goal I hope you will join in with me. If your church has a bulletin, magazine, or other notification to your members wishing to help these children, the following is provided and can be purchased at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Spring Arbor, Kindle, etc.. ISBN 978-64416-802-8 (Paperback) ISBN 978-1-64416-952-0 (Hardcover) ISBN 978-1-64416-803-5 (Digital) Matthew 28 verses 19-20 God Bless- Mike

Request for Prayer Support

Godwin Ofori-Attah
I am an independent and faith missionary serving with African Bible College University (at Yekepa in Liberia, West Africa) as a Professor. I shall appreciate your prayer support as I am trusting the Lord to meet all my family needs, (including physical and financial needs). I thank the Lord for the Church and the wonderful support and encouragement you give to missionaries around the world. Thank you and may the Lord richly bless you. Godwin
Thank you for lifting up this request in prayer.