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Request Title# PrayersSubmitted On 
Mercy0October 9, 2020Details
Align with God's Will0September 5, 2020Details
Job Transfer0August 13, 2020Details
My son’s mental health and physical health1July 23, 2020Details
Son going in army1July 18, 2020Details
Need a job1June 23, 2020Details
Unspoken Prayer Request1June 23, 2020Details
Satan wasfare1June 21, 2020Details
Please pray for me1June 10, 2020Details
Prayer Request1May 28, 2020Details
family1May 27, 2020Details
Mercy1April 22, 2020Details
Dave Doucet - Salvation2April 1, 2020Details
Getting Out of Debt1March 29, 2020Details
Stepsons salvation2March 9, 2020Details
Finances 1March 5, 2020Details
battling hopelessness1March 5, 2020Details
Healing and direction 1February 17, 2020Details
salvation and healing1February 14, 2020Details
personal prayer1January 21, 2020Details
For healing 1December 27, 2019Details
Help1December 26, 2019Details


Rob R
Please pray for the Lord's mercy and release in the life of Marcos de Souza Lima. And through the intercession of the Holy Spirit, may all his actions be tied up in the Lord's hands. Blessed be and guided by the Holy Spirit; my Mother and Fátima Rodriguez, My Live & Job. That no weapon built against us will succeed, amen. Thank you!

Align with God's Will

Seth M
I believe so many aspects of my life are outside God’s will right now. Please pray that the Lord will align every aspect of my life with His will. Pray for clarity on where I should be, and clarity on what road God would have me on during this season. If I’m travelling down the wrong road, pray that God would bring me back. Pray that the Lord will share with me what He has for me this season, what His hopes and dreams for my life are, what His purpose, direction and calling is for me, and how I can grow the most in the Lord, in wisdom and in preparation for where He wants to lead me. Thanks for your prayers.

Job Transfer

Seth M
Me and my co-worker have asked for a transfer to work in a position in a different department. Please pray that God will bless us in making this transfer. Pray that our manager and boss will bless us off, and maintain a positive relationship with us in this new position. For kindness, love and grace all around. Also, pray that the new position will have increased pay, because I’m really not making it in my current position. Pray for God’s blessing and favor in the new position. Thank you for your prayers.

My son’s mental health and physical health

He is 50 and a born-again believer. He is a husband and a father of a precious daughter. He has always been a worrier. He knows that is not good. Right now he has been through several major serious life challenges . I am so afraid he is going to worry himself into a stroke or heart attack. He is now on hypertension meds. But he has been having extra beat episodes that the doctor says is nothing to fret over. But he does. He has been a bicycle rider most of his life. But now the riding is causing exercise-induced asthma that has always happened after long rides but now he thinks it is connected to the extra heart beat episodes. He is so stressed and scared. All the sudden he seems to be overwhelmed. His father, his wife, and myself are afraid he is on the verge of a nervous breakdown, a stroke, or a heart attack. I can’t lose my son to this. He comes to us for counseling daily. We are afraid to tell him our fears because that would put him into a tailspin. He is very fragile mentally right now and he knows it. Please pray for his emotional and mental health. He loves the Lord and studies his Bible daily. Other stressful things are going on as well . I could fill a book. He is just in the midst of a personal perfect storm. This pandemic isn’t helping. As a side request, please pray that the hi-tech company for which he has been playing a major role in product development would take him on permanently with benefits. That would relieve a lot of built-up stress. Thanks in advance for your kindness and intercession to the Lord for him.. You have our prayers as well for the needs of your congregation and for your pastor.

Son going in army

Janine Parker
Please pray for my son who is suppose to leave for basic training on Tuesday July 21st. Thank you!

Need a job

Dean V
I was laid off and need a job. Am hoping for an offer from one company that seems nice. If I don't receive an offer, I might be forced to work for another company where everyone seems utterly miserable.

Unspoken Prayer Request

Seth McAdams
I have a very important unspoken prayer request that I’ve hand written for the Lord. Please pray that the Lord will fully, powerfully answer this prayer according to His will. Pray that the Lord will teach me to wrestle with Him for this answer and this breakthrough, like Jacob wrestling with God. Pray that I will enter boldly by the blood of Christ into the Holy of Holies, and ask God face to face like Moses’s prayers. Pray that God will help me to pray this through, and receive a full answer soon, because it’s an urgent situation. Thank you.

Satan wasfare

Kathy Medicus
My son let a girl move in with him and she isnt divorced . She needs to go. His girlfriend let her bestfriend move in with her 5 kids bec she says she has mold in her house. This woman is from Satan. She has a husband that makes a lot of money in the oilfield. She is going around saying she has no money, That all her kids are deathly sick, her husband lost his job etc... and she is trying to ripe people off. Please pray my son opens his eyes and throws all this mess out of his house. It is our property but he put a double wide on it. My associate pastor says this is Satan sent. I also have 2 grandsons in this mess that is being influenced. We all this gone.Thank you for the prayers.

Please pray for me

Jonathan Grove
I struggle a lot with being single and I wanted to ask you if you would please pray that Jesus Christ will help me find a wife. I truly desire a marriage that is blessed by God. Please pray that God will show me mercy and that God will allow me to marry the right lady. Thank you so much for praying for me. May God bless you all.

Prayer Request

Seth McAdams
I have an important unspoken prayer request, that I would like your prayers for. It’s a personal prayer request, something I’ve struggled with for a long time. I’ve written out the prayer on a sheet of paper with the title “Prayer 2”. Please pray that the Lord will fully, powerfully answer that prayer request, in a very clear and life-changing way. In Jesus’s name. Thank you.


nan hamm
Please pray that my adult unsaved son will remember his upbringing and return to church. Also, and I know this sounds strange, Please pray for one of my grandson’s teachers to have a change of heart. The grandson made a mistake - a big one - and has been kicked out of that class. He really needs that class and needs the positive influence of the kids that are a part of that class. Please pray that the teacher will allow him to return when school starts again and will let him know he may return to that class. Thank you.


Rob R
Please continue to pray for the Lord's deliverance and healing in the lives of Maria de Nazare and Michele Rios, and for the Lord's mercy in their lives. And by the grace and protection of the Lord in My live and Job, may I be guided by the Holy Spirit, that the Lord will envelop Me and my Job, with a protection that no weapon formed against me will prosper, Amen. Thank you!

Dave Doucet - Salvation

evelyn james
Please pray for Dave's salvation. I am in Alaska, I have been asking him to go to church online. 2521 4th parallel rd, ellensburg,wa. daves number 509-607-0041

Getting Out of Debt

Seth McAdams
I’m in a very challenging situation with debt. I’ve been working with a debt consolidation company called NDR, who asked me not to make payments, and in 4-6 months they will negotiate a settlement. I’m wondering if my decision to work with them was wise. Please pray for wisdom and clear direction from God on whether this is the correct path, or whether I should quit this consolidation program and pursue a different path. Pray that God will direct me to Scriptures that show me without a doubt what He is saying about this subject. Thanks for your prayers.

Stepsons salvation

My stepson's salvation and to go to church. For me to have Godly wisdom and to be a Christian example.


Crystal Vines
Please pray I will find a job soon and be able to sleep at night

battling hopelessness

Paul S
Battling hopelessness and sorrow. It feels like the negative things spoken to me are correct but I know they aren't. Pray that God would deliver me from the wrong mindset and refocus me on His kingdom. Additionally pray that bitterness and anger would be removed from me.

Healing and direction

Brenda Sivilma
Pray for healing for me. Please. I'm going through so much depressing after my divorce. Pray for me. Gods’ will be done. Please. I need peace. I’m worn. I need a new beginning in Gods’ will.

salvation and healing

ruben colon
Please pray for the salvation of: Woody, David, Jimmy, Alexis, Sheik, John, Jeremy, Kevin, Derek, Sean, Sheik, Jeremy, Sean and his family, Joey, Rick, James, Kevin, Louis, C.M., Leilani, Rebecca and her family, Ida and her family, and for the attacks of the enemy to stop against them. Please pray for my return to The Lord Jesus Christ; for my repentance toward God and faith toward The Lord Jesus Christ; healing for my backsliding, mind, body, soul, and spirit; for The LORD to help me through the trials I am going through and to bring the wiles and schemes of the devil and my enemies against me to nothing (psalm 64 & psalm 115) and turns their ways upside down; please pray for The LORD to protect me from my enemies and to deliver me from them once and for all. Please pray that The LORD provides for all of my spiritual and material needs and gives me wisdom and discernment in all things and guides my steps. Please pray for The LORD to give me more faith and to avenge me on my enemies. Please pray for The LORD to help me in all things and to restore me unto Himself and to restore the years ,spiritually and materially, that The locust have taken. Thank you.

personal prayer

Brenda Morris
please pray that i find a place to stay before its too late pray that my income comes in time also for my health problems and that i find my wallet also that i sell all the furniture in the house also that i find someone to love me for me and have a family of my own

For healing

Please pray for me I am very sick. Thank you for your prayer.


Tish Richardson
Please pray for my family and pray i get the job i applied for i really need it and that we get our home soon we are waitng on final approval please pray that we can make it trough this storm
Thank you for lifting up this request in prayer.